Friday DAAB 48

It's a Rome Solo Friday DAAB 48 as host Andrew Romanella is fired up about America's youth and discusses the questions, are kids today soft and unable to take criticism? He discusses his fathers ability to teach him these lessons growing up, the importance of being able to continually learn and grow and the ability… Continue reading Friday DAAB 48

Episode 63

It's episode 63 of the DAAB Podcast and the boys are joined by a special guest, Alfred Hitchcock. The trifeca dives into the NCAA National Championship Game, the Yankees injuries, the Phillies future and teams that can compete in the AL. Plus, big news in the NBA, does Lebron deserve blame for LA and a… Continue reading Episode 63

Friday DAAB Interview Special On this Friday DAAB Interview Special, host Andrew Romanella is joined by Johnathan Macri from Knicks Film School and host of the KFS Podcast. .John joins the cast to discuss the state of the New York, the importance of this off-season and the plans for KD, Kyrie and the Knicks in the draft. Plus,… Continue reading Friday DAAB Interview Special