2018 NBA Free Agency Tracker

Here is a complete list of free agency frenzy in the NBA:

July 9th
Luc Mbah A Moute signs w/ LAC– 1 year, $4.3M

July 8th
Zaza Pachulia signs w/ Detroit- 1 years, $2.4M
Brook Lopez signs w/ Milwaukee– 1 year, $3.4M

July 6th
Tony Parker signs w/ Charlotte– 2 years, $10M
Ian Clark re-signs w/ New Orleans- 1 year veterans minimum deal
Kyle O’Quinn signs w/ Indiana– 1 years, $4.5M
Kyle Anderson signs w/ Memphis (SAS doesn’t match offer sheet) 4 years, $37.2M
Zach Levine signs w/ Chicago (matches SAC offer sheet)- 4 years, $78M

July 5th
Nemanja Bjelica signs w/ Philadelphia– 1 year, $4.4M
Ryan Broekhoff signs w/ Dallas– 2 year deal

July 4th
Raymond Felton re-signs w/ Oklahoma– 1 year, $2.4M
Kevon Looney re-signs w/ Golden State- 1 year minimum deal
Amir Johnson re-signs w/ Philadelphia– 1 year veterans minimum

July 3rd
Avery Bradley re-signs w/ LAC– 2 years, $25M
Real Nuto re-signs w/ Utah– 2 years, $4.4M
Tyreke Evans signs w/ Indiana– 1 year, $12M
Jeff Green signs w/ Washington– 1 year, minimum $ deal
Michael Carter-Williams signs w/ Houston– 1 year, minimum $ deal
Dante Exum re-signs w/ Utah– 3 years, $33M
Dwight Howard signs w/ Washington– 1 year deal

July 2nd
Aaron Gordon re-signs w/ Orlando– 4 years, $84M
Elfrid Peyton signs w/ New Orleans- 1 year deal
Derrick Favors re-signs w/ Utah– 2 years, $36M
Nerlens Noel signs w/ Oklahoma City– 2 year deal w/ player option
J.J. Redick re-signs w/ Philadelphia– 1 year, $12-13M
Rajon Rondo signs w/ Los Angeles– 1 year, $9M
Julius Randle renounces from LA signs w/ New Orleans– 2 years, $18M
DeMarcus Cousins signs w/ Golden State– 1 year, $5.3M
Seth Curry signs w/ Portland– 2 years, $2.7M

July 1st
Kevin Durant re-signs w/ Golden State– 2 years, $61.5M
Lebron James signs w/ Los Angeles Lakers– 4 years, $154M
Paul George re-signs w/ Oklahoma City– 4 years, $137M
Chris Paul re-signs w/ Houston– 4 years, $160M
Nikola Jokic re-signs w/ Denver– 5 years, $147M
Deandre Jordan signs w/ Dallas- 1 year, $24.1M
Derrick Rose re-signs w/ Minnesota- 1 year, $2.4M
Jerami Grant re-signs w/ Thunder- 3 years, $27M
Trevor Ariza signs w/ Phoenix- 1 year, $15M
Marco Belinelli signs w/ San Antonio- 2 years, $12M
Rudy Gays signs w/ San Antonio- 1 year, $10M
Gerald Green re-signs w/ Houston- 1 year, $2.4M
Fred VanVleet re-signs w/ Toronto- 2 years, $18M
Elfrid Peyton signs w/ Pelicans- 1 year deal
Glenn Robinson III signs w/ Detroit- 2 years, $8.3M
Doug McDermott signs w/ Indiana- 3 years, $22M
Will Barton re-signs w/ Denver- 4 years, $54M
Joe Harris re-signs w/ Brooklyn– 2 years, $16M
Ed Davis signs w/ Brooklyn– 1 years, $4.4M
Salah Mejri re-signs w/ Dallas- 1 years, minimum deal
JaVale McGee signs w/ Los Angeles Lakers– 1 year, $2.4M
Lance Stephenson signs w/ Los Angeles Lakers– 1 years, $4.5M
Kentavious Caldwell-Pope re-signs w/ Los Angeles Lakers– 1 years, $12M
Mario Hezonja signs w/ New York- 1 years, $6.5M
Omri Casspi signs w/ Memphis- 1 year deal
Aron Baynes re-signs w/ Boston- 2 years, $11M
Ersan Ilyasova signs w/ Milwalkee- 3 years, $21M

All articles and info provided via ESPN, CBS Sports, Deadspin, HoopsRumors and USA Today

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